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Transitional pieces

Everything- transitional pieces S 15

Well hello there September!  As we transition from summer into fall, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces to make the seasonal-change effortless.  Let’s start with a light jacket.  A denim jacket or army jacket are great options but I like to add a little edge to my look.  With a closet full of flirty summer prints and silhouettes, a leather jacket provides the warmth on a cool night but also kicks the flirty summer style into a new look.  For shoes, I also like to incorporate a pair of ankle booties into the mix.  A printed, embellished or color-blocked bootie will provide a relaxed feel that will pair well with both summer and fall trends.  Lastly, grab a scarf and go.  This is the easiest add-on that can be in your bag and ready at a moment’s notice.  The scarf will also act as an accessory, adding a print-on-print look or pop of color to a cloudy day.  I’m going to miss summer but these transitional pieces make layering fun… before the heavy layers are needed.

What’s your go-to transitional piece?

Leather Jacket: Zara 
Bootie: Loeffler Randall 
Scarf: Nordstrom 

2015 Video Music Awards

Everything- 2015 VMA Metallic S 15

About last night!  Los Angeles was the host to the MTV Video Music Awards and the red carpet, as always, was the place to make a fashion statement.  It was full of playful, revealing and youthful looks.  There were too many misses on the carpet, so let’s focus on the hits and trends.  Trends to be aware of are: metallic, simply long, geo-details and sheerly black.  The metallic looks were printed and conservative, letting the glittering fabric do the talking.  For the simply long trend, I loved how these women captured the full length looks with a sleek silhouette and minimal details.  The geo-details looks were all about taking geometric shapes and creating a play on the eyes with depth in colors.  Lastly, for the sheerly black trend, these looks honed in on 2015’s ‘naked’ trend– yet the sheer black panels showed just enough skin for a peek-a-boo feel.  Ladies on my best dressed list: Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne and Demi Lovato.

Who is on your best & worst dressed list?

Cara Delevingne in Saint Laurent, Taylor Swift in Ashish

Everything- 2015 VMA Simply Long S 15

Simply Long
Karlie Kloss in Louis Vuitton, Selena Gomez in Calvin Klein

Everything- 2015 VMA Mico Details S 15

Demi Lovato in Nicolas Jebran, Amanda Steele

Everything- 2015 VMA Sheer Details S 15

Sheerly Black
Martha Hunt in Georges Chakra, Chrissy Teigen

(images via E!Online)

National Bow Tie Day

Everything- National Bow Tie Day S 15

Let’s get knotted up!  Today is National Bow Tie Day.  Needless to say, I’m very excited about today for a few reasons– I love to see how people style their bow ties, they’re my favorite ‘menswear accessory’ to wear as a woman and I like when people venture into new looks.  These are a few of my favorite bow ties out right now.  When styling a bow tie, the key to keeping the look effortless is in the fabrics.  Try to find a bow tie that has a different texture, sheen or fabrication than your shirt.  This will create depth and will act as a complimentary piece of your look.  I’m all for mixing of prints for a bold statement look, but keeping things low key is always great for an every day look.  Get stylish and rock the knot today.

*I will be modeling a bow tie on WJLA’s “Let’s Talk Live” today– tune into my social media for a clip of the segment!

How do you style your bow tie?

Plaid: Weybridge 1761
Abstract Floral: Knot by Tiffa 
Polka Dot: Harding & Wilson

Swooning in Weybridge 1761


Just one more day!  With National Bow Tie Day on my mind, I want to show you how I wear this coveted item.  Typically, bow ties tend to be a menswear piece, but I have an affinity for them and also love styling men in them.  Today’s brand of choice is Weybridge 1761.  I got the opportunity to find out the what & why about the brand with their President and CEO, David Mutter.  Check out my look and read Mr. Mutter’s insight on the brand and his styling tips.

See interview below!


What makes Weybridge 1761 unique?

Price.  Great fashion – quality garments with original design – does not have to be expensive.  Our pieces are very affordable.  However, you would never know it by the way they look or feel.  We leveraged our quarter of a century of experience to make wonderful items – that the most discerning eye could appreciate – at unbelievable prices. – David Mutter


What inspires your designs?

Great design captures inspiration from earlier generations and infuses it with a fresh look.  This is what the Weybridge 1761 design team tries to do every day.  We want our neckwear to evoke a timeless classic feel without being old or stuffy. – David Mutter


How do you accessorize your bow ties?

Oh my gosh, please don’t get me started!  Too many people feel bow ties or neckties are accessories.  Mistake.  Neckwear almost always makes the outfit.  Whether a man wears a suit, blazer, sweater or simply a collared shirt – when he (or she!) wears a tie it immediately becomes the focal point.  Put on a $1,500 bespoke suit with a pedestrian tie and you destroyed the outfit.  Put on a fantastic tie with a tattered white shirt and you can still look sharp and professional. – David Mutter


What’s your favorite print combination to pair a bow tie with?

Great question but totally unfair.  The question assumes I start with a print combination and try to match a tie to it.  My situation – as owner of one of the largest neckwear companies — is inherently unique.  I always start with a great tie and find a fun print combination to match it.  With over 300 new fabrics a year, I can find a tie to go with any print combination – for me the bolder the better. – David Mutter


What’s next for Weybridge 1761?

An endless stream of classic choices!  Clients of Weybridge 1761 will always find something new, fresh and exciting.  Plus, they’ll find it at an unbelievable price.  It’s very exciting.  Stay tuned! – David Mutter



(images via AnD Creatives)

Prepping for a bow tie

Everything- Prepping for a bow tie M S 15

National Bow Tie Day is just 2 days away!  Try to contain your excitement because I am.  I wanted to pull together some menswear pieces that can compliment and complete a bow tie look.  A bow tie can act as a statement piece or pair with other pieces and prints to polish off a well-styled outfit.  A lapel pin is a fun complimentary piece to a bow tie.  I love that this one is dark and subdued, not taking all the attention away from the bow tie.  If you’re wearing a printed bow tie, try pairing it with a printed shirt.  The key to pulling off this look is making sure the bow tie and shirt are different fabrics, creating depth to the dual-printed look.  Another great way to compliment a bow tie is with a pocket square.  I like a pocket square that has a similar color palette as the bow tie, so it’s not distracting to the eyes but instead creates a nice accent on the jacket.

How will you style your bow tie this Friday?

Lapel Pin: Gents Mode 
Shirt: Zara 
Pocket Square: Winners Circle Fashion 

Plaid is calling

Everything- plaid is calling S 15

It’s time for plaid again!  I’ve been seeing a cute display of summer plaid looks, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s about time to pull out the classic print and get cozy.  As much as I love the traditional plaid printed shirt, I also love when designers mix the prints or use plaid in an unexpected form.  This dress has my name all over it.  The boxy silhouette, peek-a-boo front pocket and playful hemline give the plaid a run for it’s money.  Another way to wear plaid man or woman is with a tie or bow tie.  This tweed fabric will add a rich, texturized vibe to your look.  Get creative styling plaid into your outfits this season.

How will you style plaid into your fall wardrobe?

Dress: Zara 
Shirt: Cole Haan
Tie: Bull + Moose