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Let’s fly away

TWR Let's Fly Away-5

Far, far away. We took to the landing strip today at a local park, near Reagan National Airport. The park has an active sensibility with numerous trails sprouting out from it. Fitness aside (as always), the park has an insane view. Planes landing at the local airport fly straight over this greenery area. It’s fun to check out the plans that come into town, wondering where the people came from and who’s taking off next. The weather has been more than amazing here, with temperatures inching past 70-degrees. I decided to go barelegged and for most of the day I was sans-coat. Get ready for another shift in wardrobes and focus on transitional, layering pieces.

comrar venta ventolin What’s your go to winter-to-spring look?

TWR Let's Fly Away-2

TWR Let's Fly Away-6

TWR Let's Fly Away-1

TWR Let's Fly Away-4

TWR Let's Fly Away-3

(Images via And Creatives)


TWR Attico Spring 2017 2

Spring is here. Well, I’d like to say that an early dose of spring popped up here in DC, as it’s slated to be 70-degrees today. comprar actos sin receta Attico‘s Spring 2017 collection is the perfect inspiration for a shift in wardrobes. I love the robe coats and silk kimonos that overtook this collection. They’re vibrantly eye-catching, with contrasting trims, embroidered animals and softly draping ribbon tie belts. There’s a slight hint of sex appeal in these pieces as the fabrics drape softly against the natural curves of the body. I adore the effortless appeal of these well-styled looks. Sign me up, please!

cytotec misoprostol kaufen Which Attico look would you love to wear this spring?

TWR Attico Spring 2017 1

TWR Attico Spring 2017 7

TWR Attico Spring 2017 3

TWR Attico Spring 2017 6

TWR Attico Spring 2017 4

TWR Attico Spring 2017 8

TWR Attico Spring 2017 5

TWR Attico Spring 2017 9

(Images via Vogue)


TWR JCrew Fall 2017 8

Casually cool. plaquenil kaufen J.Crew‘s Fall 2017 menswear collection embodies a man with a wild spirit. This man is confident, embracing trends while staying true to his favorite, classic pieces. Button down shirts were layered up with cable knit sweaters and jackets. The suiting in this collection was by far my favorite. The mixture of textures and richly-saturated, woolen fabrics really catch the eye. Pants were both wide-leg and tailored closely to the leg—it’s a matter of preference next season. The collection has a studious touch to it, as expected from J.Crew, yet still a vibrant sense of the unexpected with the unique pairings of layers and mixing of fabrics. Express yourself next season, men. betagan inyectable precio Which J.Crew look best conveys your style?

TWR JCrew Fall 2017 9

TWR JCrew Fall 2017 6

TWR JCrew Fall 2017 4

TWR JCrew Fall 2017 5

TWR JCrew Fall 2017 1

TWR JCrew Fall 2017 7

TWR JCrew Fall 2017 3

TWR JCrew Fall 2017 2

(Images via Vogue)

The summer sneaker

TWR The summer sneaker winter 2017

Walk this way. As sunny-warm(er) days continue to be forecasted for DC, it gets me excited for a shift in footwear options. During the spring/summer months, you’ll typically find me wearing a minimal ballet flat or pair of strappy sandals. I love being barefoot or the nearly-there feeling. I’ve noticed an assortment of comprar clarinex summer sneakers coming out in stores and online for spring. I don’t wear sneakers unless I’m going to the gym, period. With that being said, I secretly love athleisure styling that includes a pair of sneakers. It’s my catch 22/love-hate relationship with sneakers. White is the way to go if you’re going to be wearing this summer sneaker trend. I pulled a few of my favorite maybe I’d consider trying these on styles. Go for a look that has perforated leather, unexpected details and most importantly, a bright-white fabric. Stay tuned as I may try on the trend which has slim-to-none chance of me actually wearing them.

comprar carbozyne sin receta What’s your summer sneaker style?

clomid acheter Oxford: Cole Haan 
caverta kaufen Perforated Loafer: Michael Kors 
comprar motilium Faux Fringe Loafer: Zara 

Topshop Unique

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 6

The casual Brit. comrar venta lipitor Topshop Unique‘s Fall 2017 collection honed in on elements of proper woman unveiling her playful side. Silhouettes were primarily free-flowing and less-than-refined. Sweatshirts billowed over shoulders while skirts draped down the legs lightly. I love the relaxed feel to the well-styled looks. Layers played a big role in this collection—as they defined the element of surprise with the mixture of prints and textures.  Take inspiration from this collection to fully embrace your personal style and let the clothing do the talking.

onde comprar betagan Which Topshop Unique look is your favorite?

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 2

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 11

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 12

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 5

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 3

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 4

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 9

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 10

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 7

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 8

TWR Topshop Unique Fall 2017 1

(Images via Vogue)

Derek Lam

Yes, please. Derek Lam‘s Fall 2017 is everything I’d love to wear. Lam stemmed his collection off the idea of being a one-stop-shop. His pieces are perfect for work to after hours. The embellishments were oozing with simplistic drama. They made a statement without overwhelming the look with decor. I love the attention to detail Lam used on each piece, even lining fabrics in contrasting colors to bring added depth to the looks. A-line silhouettes played a strong roll in this collection, showing a woman’s shape without being overly clingy. Sign me up for this head-to-toe first look, please! Fashion week has wrapped up in NYC and is headed to London—more to come next week.

Which Derek Lam look is your favorite?

(Images via Vogue)