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Skirting by


Separate your style.  My go-to outfit would involve a dress, pair of booties and a side-slung bag.  I love the the simplicity of each piece, yet look for pieces that make a statement.  This season, I’m going to have to reconsider my dress, for a skirt.  There are a few trends to follow when picking a skirt for the season: button-front closures, plaid prints and gathered fabrics.  A button-front skirt is embracing the bohemian, 70s vibe that is all throughout stores this season.  For a less casual look, go for a gathered skirt.  This will come in the form of wrapping or pleating.  Lastly, toss out the plaid shirt that everyone wears in fall, and go for an unexpected punch of plaid.  I’m obsessed with finding non-shirt uses for plaid fabric this season.  Get playful and ready for a season of separates.

What style skirts fit your style?

Botton-Front Skirt: Madewell 
Checked Kilt: Zara 
Gingham Denim Skirt: Marc Jacobs



Wearability is key.  Babyghost‘s Fall 2016 collection continues to showcase their streetwear style in new ways.  Looks from previous collections were disassembled to create new, sheer layers of looks for this season’s pieces.  I love the oversized, boxy silhouettes that call for a relaxed vibe and cool aesthetic.  The sheer fabrics are rich in texture and lay softly against the woman.  I love a collection that has a distinct voice, and can still play with new techniques in garment development to refreshen their collections.  I say yes, please to army green polka dots and plaid paired with sheer lace. 

Would you wear this Babyghost streetwear style?








(Images via Vogue)

The leather moto


Grab a jacket and let’s go!  I’m loving the fall leather moto jacket trend.  Wether you like a smooth leather look for a sophisticated vibe or an edgier look with exposed zippers and fabric blocking—just know that leather, real and faux, is in.  They key to pulling off the moto look is getting a jacket that crops right at or just above your hips.  Shirts and dresses can peek out the bottom showing off a little contrast in fabrics.  When searching for a moto jacket look for a loose, open lapel, and a sleeve that falls right at your wrist-bone.  The idea is to have the jacket look effortless, yet appear to have been tailored perfectly to your body type.  Happy moto-shopping!

How do you style a leather moto jacket?

Detailed Leather Jacket: Zara 
Smooth Leather Jacket: Vince

Blacks and blues


The black & blues of it.  Sometimes you just have to push the common “fashion rules” out the door and mix colors, prints and styles together that shouldn’t go together.  I really love mixing blacks and blues.  Black fabrics traditionally have an edgy, sharp and sexy appeal to them.  On the contrast, blue fabrics tend to either be playful and vibrant, or sleek and sophisticated.  The merging of these two colors brings together everything I like in an outfit—a sophisticated play on an edgy look.  Today’s look is embracing the little patches of nice weather we were having earlier this week, while still being appropriate for the fall season.

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What common fashion rule do you like to break?


Annapolis | MD

Jacket: Volcom
Dress: Old Navy 
Sunglasses: Oakley 
Earrings: PJ Designs 
Booties: BCBG






(Images via AnD Creatives)

Weather proof boots


Prepare early.  The rain and snow is bound to come, so now is the time to prepare.  I’m personally not a fan of traditional rain boots or a clunky snow boot, so I set out to find some boots that did the job, without looking the part.  These men’s boots are all weather proof, yet still have an everyday feel about them.  The soles are treated for different wet, weather conditions but don’t appear to be overly aggressive and rubbery.  I really like the distressed, casual look of each of these boots.  The black ones are perfect for a commuting-to-the-office day with a slightly more sophisticated feel.  If you prepare now, you’re bound to find a boot that fits your style without compromising for the ugly weather to come.

What style weather proof boot do you like?

Black Boots: Cole Haan 
Red Lace Boots: Timberland 
Brown Boots: UGG



Layer me up!  J.Crew‘s Fall 2016 collection is effortlessly-layered.  I love how they incorporated metallic fabrics into casual mix of fabrications.  This collection encompasses a variety of different coats; everything from pea coats to capes and blazers, all with a notch lapel.  A strong utilitarian vibe is showing throughout the collection with the use of exposed pockets, a military-inspired color palette, and brass, popper buttons.  The more layers the better—or so it appears!

Which J.Crew look is your favorite?








(Images via Vogue)